The University of Bern has released an interview with Dr. Eggel on the recently published Nature Medicine study in their online blog. He has contributed to this publication during his time as a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Wyss-Cory at Stanford University.


Dr. Saul A. Villeda and his team at UCSF have published an excellent story on the role of beta-2-microglobuline in cognitive function and neurogenesis in Nature Medicine this week. The groundwork for this study has been laid in the laboratory of Prof. Wyss-Coray at Stanford University. We are happy that we could contribute to this publication and congratulate all co-authors for this achievement. Read the publication here and have a look at Dr. Villeda's and Prof. Wyss-Coray's websites.   


The Veronika & Hugo Bohny Foundation honours young scientist who have conducted an outstanding bachelor thesis in an applied field of biomedical research. We are proud to announce that Pascal Gasser has been awarded 1st place of the 2015 call. As a part of our team Pascal has generated novel binding molecules against murine IgE for further in vivo use to test inhibition of allergic reactions. Here is a movie where he explains his work. Congratulations Pascal, this is well-deserved!

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